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Successful First Ever Interim Opportunity Zone Round

The first-ever interim mid-year Round of Ohio Opportunity Zone application submissions was a success, by all accounts.  Our firm drafted the language that was amended into Ohio’s Opportunity Zone Statute to provide for […]

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Sikora Law Chalks Up Its 37th Appellate Victory

Sikora Law recently earned its 37th appellate victory, collectively covering 28 different subjects in Ohio real property law.  See IRG Amherst, LLC v. Pennsylvania Lines, LLC, 2023-Ohio-2805.  The IRG appellate victory […]

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Saving Ohio Income Tax Liability

Did you know that you could save on Ohio income tax liability by purchasing Ohio Tax Credit Certificates at a discount, and then use them to satisfy Ohio state income tax liability?  Over the […]

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Entity Transfer Threat Level Increases

House Bill 126 nearly addressed the subject of entity transfers, but the as-passed version of the Bill that became law last month did not address the concerns surrounding entity transfers […]