Lisa Patel


The first-ever interim mid-year Round of Ohio Opportunity Zone application submissions was a success, by all accounts.  Our firm drafted the language that was amended into Ohio’s Opportunity Zone Statute to provide for an interim Round, among several other enhancements that we drafted that are now part of Ohio’s Opportunity Zone law.  Our firm’s Clients received over 1/3 of ALL of the funds applied for in the first ever interim OZ Round in Ohio.

Our string of successes continues, as 100% of all Applications that we submitted, once again, received awards in the amount of 100% of the amounts that we requested for our Clients.  That is the 5th consecutive Round that our firm has maintained that impeccable success rate under Ohio’s Opportunity Zone Program.

Michelle Jarboe wrote an excellent article that was published in Crain’s Cleveland Business about the state of the Opportunity  Zone Program.  As usual, Mike Sikora was a primary resource, and Mike was quoted extensively in that article.  To review that highly informative piece, click here.