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Considering whether to use an entity transfer for your commercial real estate transaction is more important than ever.  For multiple reasons (construction costs, lending terms, low supply, unrealistic seller expectations, to name a few), getting commercial real estate deals done is getting harder.  Sometimes, it makes the most sense to use an entity transfer structure for your deal.
There are even variations among forms of entity transfers – ranging from straight entity transfers – to so-called “drop-and-swap” transactions – each of which is better than the other under certain circumstances.
Certain interest groups are pushing, through legislation, to eliminate the opportunity to complete transactions at all, or to thwart financial feasibility of deals, and we are pushing back.  In these challenging economic times, thoughtfully considering these options is more important than ever.  Until a better model can be established, we all have to make the best of this model.  We believe we know how to do that extremely well.
Every week, we advise our Clients on the importance of this subject, and we believe we know better than any other firm in Ohio exactly where the law stands on this subject and where it is headed, so we believe we know better than any other firm how to help you determine how best way to structure transactions for financial feasibility and maximum success.
Let us know how we can help.
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