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    Sikora Law handles title claims and direct litigation for nearly every title insurance company that conducts business in Ohio.

For Title Insurance Companies

Sikora Law handles many priority disputes among parties that have interests in real property. Two of those cases have led to appellate court victories that have reinforced bona fide purchaser law in Ohio. See ABN Amro Mortgage Group v. Roush, 2005-Ohio-1763, 2005 WL 858182; FirstMerit v. Beers, 5th Dist. No. 2007-CA-00027, 2007-Ohio-4253. Sikora Law’s familiarity with title search standards and title examination experts is extremely beneficial in cases of this nature.

Sikora Law established beneficial law within multiple Ohio appellate districts, applying the doctrine of equitable subrogation in priority disputes between lenders and the holders of competing liens, which allowed the lenders to step into the shoes of the prior liens that they satisfied. See Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. v. Korb, 2011-Ohio-2094, 2011 WL 1662248; Federal Natl. Mortgage Assoc. v. Webb, 2006-Ohio-3574, 2006 WL 1901016.

Sikora Law has represented multiple insured owners and established favorable Ohio appellate law concerning when easement rights exist. Miller v. Romanauski, 2014-Ohio-1517, 2014 WL 1408215; Turner v. Fox, 12th Dist. No. CA2003-09-251, 2005-Ohio-677; S.V., Inc. v. Casey, 2013-Ohio-1882, 2013 WL 1920865.

Sikora Law has represented several title insurance companies in defalcations involving title agents. One of those cases involved two successful appeals of bankruptcy court decisions to the federal district court, creating favorable law for the title industry concerning the appropriate characterization of escrow funds. Another defalcation matter resulted in recovery for all affected consumers and lenders from the title agent’s errors and omissions insurance carrier.

All in all, Sikora Law has made favorable appellate law for title insurers in 33 cases covering 25 different subjects—far more than any other firm in Ohio.   When we, at Sikora Law, have matters dealing with those subjects, our ability to explain the issues to Judges and relate the issues to appellate cases that we have won builds tremendous trust and respect and is very effective.

To see the complete list of Sikora Law’s 30 favorable appellate title cases on 23 different subjects, click here.

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