Sikora Law Managing Director Testifies in Support of Bill That Would Improve Multiple Facets of Ohio Real Estate Law

Sikora Law Managing Director Rick Craven recently testified before the Ohio House Finance Committee on behalf of the Ohio State Bar Association, in support of Ohio House Bill 237, which would improve multiple facets of Ohio real estate law, including electronic recording, access to real property records, powers of attorney, lien priority, and judgment liens.

If it becomes law, this proposed Bill would require County Offices throughout Ohio to accept documents electronically for recording and to provide access to records electronically going back to at least 1980.  Additionally, language that our firm drafted was amended into HB 237 to improve Ohio judgment lien law and to codify the Restatement view of mortgage subrogation in lien priority cases.

Check out Rick Craven’s testimony in support of HB 237 by clicking here to view a video of the Hearing before the Ohio House Finance Committee, during which Rick explained the Bill and its contours extremely well to the members of that inquisitive legislative body.


Ohio Opportunity Zone Enhancement Bill Making Progress

Sikora Law has been advocating for the passage of Senate Bill 225 for many months now.  That Bill would temporarily double the funds available in Ohio’s Opportunity Zone Program and Ohio’s Historic Tax Credit Program.  Our firm drafted the Opportunity Zone language in that Bill.  If passed, it would help mitigate construction cost increases with the incentive, and further improve the future of economic development in Ohio.

Senator Schuring (the Bill Sponsor) testified last week on the Bill before the House Ways and Means Committee.  Yesterday, Rick Craven of our firm, provided proponent testimony in support of the Bill on behalf of NAIOP Ohio.   To review Rick Craven’s testimony in support of SB 225, click here.

Contact your State Representative to ask your State Representative to urge the Ohio House to move expeditiously with the passage of Senate Bill 225.

Ohio Real Property Taxation Bill Puts a Lot on the Line

Significant changes to Ohio’s real property taxation system are at stake with the fate of Ohio House Bill 126.  Last month, Mike Sikora advocated on these issues on behalf of the Ohio State Bar Association, and our firm drafted a letter to the House Majority Leader in follow-up to that meeting.  A Conference Committee has been established to hash out these issues further.

Contact your State Representative and your State Senator to encourage the passage of HB 126.  To find your State Representative and your State Senator – click here.

Real Property Taxation Bill Future Uncertain

The Ohio House of Representatives unanimously rejected the Ohio Senate’s amended version of House Bill 126 that would have changed Ohio law to only allow school boards to file complaints to increase value in response to a complaint to reduce value.  That Bill now heads to a Conference Committee with select members of the House and Senate set to determine its fate.

Our Appellate Decision Article in OLTA Title Topics

The Ohio Land Title Association’s November 2021 issue of Title Topics featured our firm’s article on an Ohio Appellate Court decision that addressed the power of enforcement of express easement rights and their interpretation.  Our firm served as coverage counsel in that matter.

Check out that article in OLTA Title Topics here.